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Z.P.H.U FEBA was formed over 20 years ago and quickly became a leader of the industry on the Polish market, winning the recognition among foreign customers also. The whole of the production of the company  is focusing on the area of a modern production unit in silesian Pisarzowice. Qualified staff and a long-term experience are its greatest advantage.
Every year we prepare the unique collection, fulfilling customers the most requiring expecting even. Our products are of best quality , touched up with the huge precision in every detail.




The collection 2017 is accessible in prestigious shops with the underwear in the all country.

Asking about shops addresses offering our collection to direct at the number

+48 33 845 60 30 or the e-mail:

We are inviting also to our shop selling own-label products located in Pisarzowice.


+48 33 845 60 30 wew. 21

From 1 Aprill till 31 July shop is open :

Monday    10.00 -14.30

Tuesday 10.00 -14.30

Wednesday 10.00 -14.30

Thursday 10.00 -17.00

Friday 10.00 -14.30

Saturday 09.00 -13.00


From 1 August till 31 March shop is open:

Monday    10.00 -14.30

Tuesday 10.00 -14.30

Wednesday 10.00 -14.30

Thursday 10.00 -14.30

Friday 10.00 -14.30



A beautiful bust is what every woman dreams of!A beautiful bust is what every woman dreams of!

Thanks to the firm Muehlmeier – a producer of innovative and revolutionary bra cups – achieving this effect is surprisingly easy.
Muehlmeier was founded in 1949 and is the German leader on the European lingerie market. Muehlmeier specialises in producing high quality bra cups using 3D technology.

The firm’s mission is to make women happy by giving their breasts the desired shape and by improving the health benefits thanks to an ideal cup shape. Muehlmeier wishes to show women a broad spectrum of possibilities and to make them aware that a comfortable, perfectly-shaped bra is not only a question of aesthetics and fashion, but also of well-being.

Thanks to its new technology and advanced production techniques, Feba, a leader among swimming costume manufacturers producing costumes of the highest quality, has begun cooperation with the firm Muehlmeier. Our costumes are not only attractive to the eye with their sophisticated, trendy colours, but are also made to the highest standards. Careful stitching and selection of the appropriate cups means that every woman can find a costume that perfectly fits their figure, achieves the effect that they desire, and suits their chosen lifestyle. In addition to the pleasing visual effect, we also focus on technology that helps you to look after your bust and your figure. This combination ensures 100% comfort.




Sensitive® Fabrics by Eurojersey and Jersey Lomellina, that are used to produce Feba swimming costumes guarantee world class quality. When you buy our products, you can be sure that you are buying a product that you can use many times over.


The fabrics are not only extremely durable, but they also guarantee:

- an ideal fit for your figure
- UV resistance
- resistance to chlorine and salt